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With less time spent lining up in the queue or waiting for your prescriptions to get filled, you have more time to spend on improving your health!

Ameri Mex Pharmacy is on a mission to make your pharmacy shopping experience time-efficient and cost-saving. We want you to get the best value for what you spend on medical supplies, nutraceuticals and prescription medication.

Welcome to Ameri Mex Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy Manager has retail experience and serving local communities for 18 years.

Ameri Mex Pharmacy is your friendly local pharmacy in Brawley, California. We are here to serve families, patients, healthcare professionals and care facilities by supplying medications or healthcare products of the best quality and the lowest prices.

Our team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are thoroughly trained and extensively experienced in the practice. We strive for accuracy in dispending medications with swift efficiency every single time.

The goal is to fulfill prescription refills in 5 minutes or less. We value your time! Thank you for choosing to shop at Ameri Mex Pharmacy. Make your pharmacy shopping experience worth your while. If you have questions or if you wish to place a prescription refill order ahead of time, call us at 760-344-2400.

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