About Us

male pharmacist As a privately owned and operated pharmacy in Brawley, California, it makes us proud to serve fellow community dwellers and locally-based healthcare providers.

We work with your physician to ensure that the medications your get from Ameri Mex Pharmacy are exactly what’s prescribed.

We also work with customers and patients like you – making sure that you get the best value for the money you spend on durable medical equipment, vitamins and prescription medication.

To us, your health will always be a priority. We only source our products from trusted brands and manufacturers so you can get the most medicinal benefits of the pharmaceutical products at Ameri Mex Pharmacy.

Do you need a refill of your prescription medication? Drop by Ameri Mex Pharmacy and we’ll fill your prescriptions quickly. Call 760-344-2400 for consultations or send an online request here.

Tony Goyal, Pharm.D
Pharmacy Manager

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